Since receiving the blank sample from our manufacturer, we have been corresponding with them to see how best we can fit all of the different components of Fly-A-Way in one box.

Working with cardboard material, instead of plastic, means that we cannot use moulds to shape our tray. It also means more handiwork by the manufacturing team. So, we have had to play more with designs to ensure that the tray holds and that there is minimal movement of the parts inside the box when it is carried around. It has been worth it, though, as we look to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Here are the different tray designs we considered:

Winner is Option 4

Option 1, while having a lot of space to fit the bird, Wing It and Fowl Play cards, could not secure them as well as we would have liked. Options 2 and 3 were good in segmenting the different cards, but we felt that they still could not keep everything as compact as we wanted. 

We also had to think about how the map board, bird board and event board would sit once all of the cards had been placed. So, we went with Option 4, which ticked all of the right boxes, as you can see from the video below.

You might have noticed those colourful pieces occupying the long slot in the box. Those are the game components that we have been able to produce in their upgraded variants, thanks to all of your support in unlocking our stretch goals.

We shall end this update then with pictures of the bird-shaped pawns, feather-shaped links and house-shaped location markers.